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Yes master, I will tell you what’s on my mind!

April 11th, 2009

Many Facebook fans have not yet noted that the display message above Facebook status box has changed from “What are you doing right now?” to “What’s on your mind?” Shailesh Pandey, a PhD. student at The University of York, recently posted his thoughts about the change in his Facebook profile. I am presenting it here with his permission.

Facebook keeps on changing itself. I do not want to get into the discussion of how democratic it is and which one is better. One of the changes I found amusing is the status update section. They were not satisfied with knowing what I was doing right now. They wanted more, they want to know what is going on my mind. That is fine with me.

However Facebookers do not seem to change. Most people still post similar content as they previously used to. For them the content that goes inside the box does not have any correspondence with the question being asked. Technically “I am eating Mo:Mo” is not a correct reply to “What’s on your mind?”.
I do not remember a time when my friends have asked me “Ke sochdai chau?” and my reply was “Ma Mo:Mo khadai chhu”.

Assuming people are not going to change. I see two sensible options:
Option 1) Remove the fancy question altogether. Just give this message instead: “Post anything below”.
Option 2) Give two boxes instead of one. Let the people type in their own status question and answer to it.
So now people can write
“What am I eating right now?”–>”I am eating Mo:Mo right now”
“What emotional state am I in?”–>”I am frustrated.”

Away from the time-pass discussion, if you are thinking of why there are companies that do it, answer might be quite simple. Remember we are in the age where information is one of THE sources of power.
There are companies to whom we are enslaved because now they have reached a point where they know almost everything about us.

They know what we like to see/eat/buy/read, who our friends are and what our friends like to see/eat/buy/read…. and now soon how we think.It is what I call “Information Induced Slavery” and I can claim that this term is mine as Google returned “No Result” for this term and Google is never wrong.

This kind move however is a predictable move from a desire to know “what you do” to “how you decide what you do”. On the ground of this reasoning I should not have posted this note. But hey I am addicted to information and a slave does what the masters order.

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