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Upgrading to FreeSMS Premium Account using Trialpay

April 16th, 2009

Let me start by thanking those of you who have successfully upgraded to FreeSMS Premium Account without spending anything. This post is for those who want to upgrade to the Premium Account but are not familiar with the process and have doubts about it.

We came up with the idea of free upgrade to allow you to send up to 10 SMS a day without significantly increasing the expenses on our side. We found that with system, it was possible. What Trialpay does is that it contacts different advertisers who are looking for customers to try their products. So when visitors like you want some service for free, you can go to and participate in the advertiser’s offers. The advertiser then pays certain amount to the web-site that brought the customers to their page (in this case Rangeen Chara). I like this system because every one benefits: the advertisers get customers, you get Premium Account for free and Rangeen Chara receives some money to reduce the expenses. We are spending about a hundred dollars a month on FreeSMS! By upgrading to Premium Account, you are helping us reduce the expense.

To upgrade, you can start by clicking on the get it free button below:

Once you click on the above link, you will be asked to enter your name and e-mail address. You will be sent the product activation code in this e-mail address when the process is completed. Once you submit this information, you will arrive at a page that displays a number of offers that are available in your country. You can browse through different offers and choose one offer that works best for you.

Here are some ideas for selecting good Trialpay offers:
1. Some offers take longer to complete while others confirm immediately. For example, if you applied for a credit card, your offer would not be complete unless your credit application is not approved. Trialpay mentions how long does an offer take to confirm and thus it is better to choose offers that Confirm Instantly. There is an option to display only the instant offers.

2. Some offers require purchase while others are Free. For example, you need to send flowers worth $10 to someone to get FreeSMS in one of the offers. But there are many offers that are free. Example: if you try Credit Report offers for a week, you won’t be charged anything at all as long as you cancel your subscription within a week. You will know your credit score for free and get upgraded at the same time!

3. Offers vary by country. For example while there are several free offers in US, there might be very few in Korea. In any country, it is better to participate in one of the Most Popular offers displayed by Trialpay unless you find something else that interests you.

Once the offer is complete, sends an e-mail to you with a link to the page where you will find the FreeSMS Premium account activation code.

In the US, here are some good offers that confirm instantly:
a. : 7-day trial to Triple Advantage Credit Monitoring
b. RealPlayer SuperPass : Sign up for SuperPass today and get a FREE 14 Day Trial!
c. CreditCheckTotal : Sign up today to receive a 7 day free trial to CreditCheckTotal

Please help us by upgrading to FreeSMS premium account. If you have successfully upgraded to the premium account, please help other members in your country by sharing the offers that you completed.

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