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Save Money on Your Monthly Cellphone Bills (US only)

April 29th, 2009

Before I begin the actual post, let me mention something that I have been wanting to share with you. The way we want Rangeen Chara to be known is as a platform for Nepalese around the world to share valuable information. We will build web-services, maintain the site and advertise Rangeen Chara so that there are people who publish the content and there are people who use the benefit from the published information. We are still months away from fully achieving this but I request you all to share your ideas and information that you think would be useful for the Rangeen Chara community. Something that is trivial for you could be extremely valuable for someone else so don’t hesitate to write down and to send it our way.

If you have a cellphone in the US, chances are that you are eligible for discounts that the service providers (AT&T and T-Mobile for example) offer but don’t want you to know. These discounts are the tools they use to attract customers from large organizations like Universities. If the organization you are currently associated with as a student or an employee is participating in the program then you can save between 10-20% in your monthly bills. Below I am providing you with details to see if you are eligible for such discounts and if you do how you can participate for two major service providers: AT&T and T-Mobile. You can search the Internet if your service provider has other similar programs.

AT&T FAN Discount
To see whether you qualify for the discount, click here. In the page, enter your e-mail address in the text-box with the instruction:Find Out if You Qualify For Employee Discounts. If you qualify, you will see a message as shown in figure below and the details about the discount is sent to your e-mail.

AT&T FAN club message

AT&T FAN club message

Click on the link sent to you in the e-mail and in the page that opens up, click on discount registration under discount qualifications and follow the instructions.

T-mobile Discount
Getting 15% student discount on your bill is quite simple, just call T-Mobile customer support and ask for it, walk into a T-Mobile store and ask or use their online chat. This discount is for university students, faculty, employees and alumni but it does not hold true for all schools, just those schools signed up with T-Mobile. It appears that T-Mobile is verifying a relationship with a school simply via having a school email address, so the verification process isn’t particularly rigorous. Only few Universities are participating and to see whether your school is participating, see this article.

Another way to get a 12% student discount if your school is not signed up with T-Mobile is to have a Student Advantage Card. It costs $20 to sign up for, but is worth the cost as you will save more than hundred dollars in a year. The card can also be used for various other discounts such as with Amtrak and Jet Blue.

If you are not a student but work for an employer then visit this site to see if you qualify for discount.

Other Carriers

Verizon Wireless: Enter your work email address to see if you qualify for discounts. Verizon Wireless will send you an email that will help you determine your eligibility for promotional rates (personal email addresses not accepted).
Sprint Sprint: has business agreements with hundreds of corporations and government agencies to offer wireless products and services at a significant discount when purchased online or over the phone.

I hope that you will be able to save money using this information. If any of you living outside US know about similar deals from your cellphone provider, please share it with us.

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  1. September 9th, 2009 at 23:38 | #1

    नयाँ नेपाल

    ‘छलाङ’भनेको महल र पजेरोमा पुग्नु रहेछ
    अग्रगामी भनेको सर्बत्र ‘गामी’रहेछ
    अभाव र महगी अनी बेथिती नयाँ नेपाल रहेछ
    लुटपाट र कब्जा सस्क्रीती लोकतन्त्र रहेछ
    सनातन धर्ममा हाँसिया हतौडा वजार्नु गणतन्त्र रहेछ
    सर्बसत्तावाद नै गणतन्त्रको अझ सुन्दर पारीभाषा रहेछ
    जनताको हातमा बन्दुक नागरिक सर्बोच्चता रहेछ

    पत्निको पती हुन त कैयन वाचा गर्नुपर्ने
    राष्ट्रको पती हुन जे गरेनी हुने?
    कुनै दिन ,
    ओबामाले किस्वहिली भाषामा वाचा गर्नुपर्ला
    सोनियाले इटालियन भाषामा वाचा गर्लिन
    सुजाताको इच्छा ‘जर्मन’भाषामा हुन सक्ला
    सेनापतिले गुरुङ भाषामा सपथ लिनु पर्ला
    नयाँ नेपालमा शायद शब्दहरुको पुनपरिभषित मात्र होइन
    नयाँ नेपालको नयाँ शब्दकोश निर्माण होला ।

    -लेखनाथ पौडेल

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