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Rangeen Chara enters second year!

July 29th, 2009

Exactly one year has passed since I made the first post. A lot has changed in Rangeen Chara since then; the best part being the fact that we now are a family of 785 Nepali netizens. That is on an average two new members every day which is remarkable given that the first six months were spent mostly in development! The credit for this success goes to those of you who have loved Rangeen Chara and have spread the word around.

The year behind has helped us a lot in seeing the year ahead. Love and support from members has encouraged us to work hard to bring more features to the community. We are determined to tackle problems; one at a time.

Here are some statistics about the Website for the past year:

Total posts: 36
Comments Posted: 251
Members: 785
Total SMS Messages Sent: 6,167

The following details are extracted from Google Analytics report for the time duration Feb 09 to July 09.


Table below shows the top 10 countries from where Rangeen Chara is visited:
Visitor Location

Please use this opportunity to let us know how we are doing and what we should be doing in future!

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