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Lost in Translation?

July 2nd, 2009

Nepal has been increasingly popular in international media for odd news. Take for example the incidence of Nepal Airlines Corporation sacrificing goats to appease Aaakash Bhairab when their aircraft went through a series of technical problems. The news was covered by renowned media like Reuters and BBC among many others. The news has bagged 523 diggs so far in; probably the highest any news from Nepal ever has! Another similar odd news from Nepal has recently become popular in international media: Nepal bans pockets to stamp out bribe-taking at airport. That much about the oddity of the news; the remaining part of this post is about how the same news is presented by different media.

BBC UK published the news online (see here) with the title ‘Nepal bans airline staff pockets‘. The ending paragraph of the news goes:

The BBC’s Nepali service says almost all incidents of petty corruption have been directed at Nepalese travellers rather than tourists.

That line does justice to Nepalese tourism by clarifying that foreigners planning to visit Nepal need not worry about the petty corruption.

Now the news is also published in Hindi by BBC India (see here) which evidently is based on the same news source. The only difference: the above paragraph has been left out.

Was the paragraph lost in translation or was it intentionally left out?

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