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HelloNepal now Launched to the public!

August 23rd, 2009

As per our on going effort to serve the Nepalese community, we today released HelloNepal phone service for Rangeen Chara members in US and Canada. We had previously provided HelloNepal calling-credit to selected members for testing purposes. The feedback from the testing phase has been incorporated in the current version.

One of the problems Nepalese living outside Nepal have been facing for years is the unreliable phone services from Nepal. The international rates from the telecommunication providers are very expensive whereas the calling card services to Nepal are unreliable. There have been cases where the purchased credit is exhausted without being connected to Nepal even once. HelloNepal is the result of our months long effort to solve this problem and we believe that this service will prove to be useful to the Nepalese community worldwide.

The new generation phone!

The new generation phone!

Starting from 08/23/2009, Rangeen Chara members in the US and Canada can make calls to Kathmandu valley landline numbers at the rate of 7.9 cents per minute. Once we successfully run the service for about a month, we will be providing the service to other districts and mobile phones in Nepal. We are working hard to extend this service to members outside US and Canada as well.

HelloNepal is a phone-to-phone service. A computer (or mobile devices that can open the Hellonepal web-site) is needed to request the call. Once the call request is made, you do not need a computer to continue talking.

To make a call using HelloNepal, you need to enter your number and the number you wish to call. HelloNepal then calls your number. When you answer the phone, HelloNepal puts you on hold and dials the other number for you. By using this mechanism, we solve a number of problems:
1. The call is cheaper than other calling-cards.
2. No need to worry about local access number or 1-800 numbers. We call your number!
3. The call quality is better using this technique.
4. You can keep-track of the calls and see the charges immediately after the call.
5. You can purchase your credits online.

We are excited about this release and are waiting for responses from our users. HelloNepal is no doubt the best system to call Nepal; with your feedback, it will continue getting better.

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