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Celebrating Dashain Outside Nepal

September 13th, 2009

Being away from Nepal is always difficult but even more so during the festival season. With Dashain in the door-step, I decided to post this article to share my experience of making Dashain enjoyable in different ways.

There are many Nepalese Associations that organize Dashain Special program to bring together Nepalese community and celebrate togetherness. This is especially true in big cities. Check out the web-site of the Nepalese association active in your area to find out what program they are organizing.

People enjoying 2009 Dashain Picnic in Seattle

People enjoying 2009 Dashain Picnic in Seattle, USA

In smaller cities, the story is a little different. There are no association as such to organize such programs but I have seen that families that have been able to establish themselves well often invite Nepalese around the area for a special get-together. If you are relatively new to the area, you should find out if there is anything of the sort being organized in your area. If you are more or less established in your area, do consider organizing something as that would be a good networking experience. Potluck or a picnic with donation may be the way to go if you do not want to stretch your expenses much!

Dashain 2007 program at Dr. Prakash Neupanes residence in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

Dashain 2007 program at Dr. Prakash Neupane's residence in Jefferson City, Missouri, USA

Those of you in college/University can make it a really good experience by organizing Nepal Nite or something similar. I know that school and work schedule make it almost impossible but then having fun during Dashain is worth the extra effort.

If you are alone in a city or just a single Nepalese family in the area then you may consider visiting a new place during Dashain. Exploring new places is always fun and that should make your dashain memorable.

If you have some other interesting plans for Dashain, please let us know. Also, do send your pictures to share your Dashain experience with us.

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