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FIFA World Cup 2010 Facebook App

“With only 49 days remaining for FIFA world Cup 2010, the world cup fever has started to spread among people……….” This is the first line of the article about FIFA World Cup 2010 written on this page. At the time I am writing this comment its just 9 days left for the tournament to begin.

What I want to suggest is that while writing articles (any) it is better to select and use word(s)/sentence(s) that give(s) the correct sense of meaning every time. For example rather than being so specific about the remaining number of days, “49″, it would have been better if there was “few” instead of “49″ and its not not-possible but in my point of view its not in general practice to come everyday and make it 48,47,46… and so on.

It looks/feels so clumsy while reading and might give a negative message(not serious though) to the users/visitor(s) of Rangeen Chara so make actually “Rangeen” by considering these small but important things because I believe such things makes difference.

The Idea Behind

Sorry but I still didn’t get the answer about the difference(s) between Community Friends and community Members..

FIFA World Cup 2010 Facebook App

what is the difference between community members and community friends ?