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Tsering Choden wins Democracy Video Challenge!

Message from Choden to all who voted follows:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Teri
Date: Wed, Jun 17, 2009 at 4:25 AM
Subject: Democracy Is…Video Challenge Winner


It started out with an email from Subel, a short note saying: Would you guys be interested in it?? Going through the forwarded message I realized it was a competition to complete the phrase Democracy Is… It called on budding filmmakers, democracy advocates and the general public to create short videos that would complete the phrase. I’m not an advocate but yes I am interested in filmmaking however I’m yet to even consider myself an amateur. So as a member of the ‘general public’ I put my views across as to what Democracy means to me, which is clearly portrayed in the video – nothing abstract or intelligent – it is what it is and it is the way I perceive it.

It is true that hard work pays off and I can claim this victory for myself but that’s not quite the story. The product you see wouldn’t have been half as good if it wasn’t for the contribution of everyone involved. From Yanik sharing his creative ideas and suggestions, Gagan Thapa, Anil Chitrakar and Viplob Pratik giving their precious time and sharing their insight, Pravat and Bipra accompanying me as I rolled tape after tape to be able to create the time lapse, Srijan going out on the streets to get the audio bytes, Pravat again working on the audio (post-production), learning to edit the video with Vikash closely guiding me, lyrical prowess and performance from Yanik and Subba, translation by Vikash to the catchy tune composed by Pravin Chettri. With a team like that, it’s hard not to emerge victorious. In my opinion I was working with the best so the results were bound to be an extension of that.

But the hurdles kept coming and soon it was the most dreaded phase of the competition – votes. This was something that I had no control over. The make it break it phase of the competition had arrived and it was now pretty much up to the people to decide – the fundamentals of Democracy. While we were confident about the video we knew that that wouldn’t be the deciding factor. So we got online and began soliciting votes by sending out emails to everybody we knew and beyond. Knowing that would not be enough friends got on Facebook and started linking the video, creating groups, generating more publicity. My sister wasn’t going to sit around and hope for the votes to come in. She campaigned strong and hard. On my sister’s advice my mother took the drive further and went out on the streets distributing pamphlets with instructions on “How To Vote”. Gradually the media took attention too and the views on Vikash’s youtube account started growing. It has now crossed 10K. We were not sure if that was any inkling that the video was getting as many votes.

The results are out and we won, taking over the likes of India and Uzbekistan…reminds me of the story of David and Goliath. Your votes did count and I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU. Your support has been overwhelming and humbling.

I wish I could thank every person who voted personally, I really do, but I guess that’s not possible however I would request you to forward this to all you know and all who voted. You didn’t have to but you did and because you did Nepal is on the map. Many many thanks.


What does opening of KFC and Pizza Hut in Nepal imply?

By more positive foreign investments, I am hinting to those which really explore our potentials than exploit our weakness-

Early this year, a Chinese company did a lot of work (a) to find gold in Karnali and (b) to install a mining plant.

This for me sounds very positive although I am not sure about the long run. As long as they comply with the 35% organizational income tax policy of Nepal govt, that sounds fine to me, eh!

What does opening of KFC and Pizza Hut in Nepal imply?

We should be talking about challenges that our local eat-outs will have to face rather than international brands. Otherwise, like we are having to save our snow leopards and stolen monuments today, a day will come when we will have pictures of momo’s and chatamari’s in national museum!

1. What type of change in the local restaurant business can be predicted if KFCs and PHs start mushrooming their outlets? The business policy of KFCs and Burger Kings, in London for instance, is such that they even open another outlet just across the street facing each other which still makes sufficient business to beat the rental/maintenance costs of one of the posh streets in Europe.

During the initial phase when Kathmanduites’ eagerness to ‘taste’ the new-flavour-in-town is ever-rising with the multinational investment pouring into leading media channels, it can be predicted with ease that local attractions for eating out will have to suffer a drop in sale. However, health conscious movements will have to work really hard to prove that buffalo fat is better for us than extra cheese toppings and deep-fried drumstick.

2. Another issue I would like to raise is whether we want foreign investment that is:
(a) against public health,
(b) takes away lot of local economy from franchises as royalties to the first world countries,
(c) multiplies the cultural downfall of Nepalese eating habits and cookery, and
(d) adds on to urbanizing traditional architecture of world heritage sites into global brands and sign boards?

Or we would like to encourage foreign investment which will boost our ultra-potential industries like tourism, art and crafts, entertainment, technology and education to name a few.

I am not against development and foreign investment but in a country like ours where the policy makers are busy with ‘more important games’ among themselves, who other than the youth can be a better voice for letting foreign influences effect the right sectors of our society?
If our youth is vigilant and encourage those ventures that can bring about the right kind of change for us, I will assume we know our responsibility.

Happy Republic Day!

Do I need to join Rangeenchara for getting any notification emails about RTV?
Can I not get the schedules on the HOMEpage itself?
In case it was announced in the RangeenTV page, can there be some kind of iconic notification on the its tab that we usually see on the Homepage?
Sorry sir, Neither I am good at guessing which event RTV will choose to pick up from Nepal nor I have the patience, energy and time to break into RTV page every now and then…
My only request is, pls let rest of us watch the Live coverage too ;)

Which Nepali online media has best breaking-news coverage?

… and we should also wait and watch a bit longer before coming to a conclusion like this.

While we are struggling to restructure eK at the moment, the one-day-sampled analysis does come as a blow to a media service which started long before any discussion forum existed and also to the painstaking service it had provided during the hard times of freedom for public information in Nepal.

Negative feedbacks are always constructive. Comparison with the contemporaries is fine. Both together is a bit defaming. A more difficult task is to find solutions. Lets concentrate on that please.

(A commendable attempt though! This tempting comment proves it.)

Nepal in 1968

Nice one. Has Ktm and Pokhara only though.
As a multimedia person, my sincere advise to the post-er (admin/member) is to mention the copyrights wherever applicable. This can keep the RC community away from unnecessary hassles. Well, this message also comes with a wish that we will be as big one day as to be worth attracting claims! Want to see more of these…. :)