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@rishee Unicode is currently not supported. We can adjust to let users’ send SMS in unicode Nepali characters, but then as admin said, it will reduce the number of characters to less than half of what is supported now. So I don’t think we want to do that.


@rajen1156 The reason your password shows is probably because you let your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) to save your password. Rangeen Chara *doesn’t* save your passwords. If you clear your browser’s saved passwords, you should be fine. Depending on which browser and which version of browser you are using, it will be somewhere on the Tools menu.
About not being able to send SMS, You will not be able to send more than 2 SMS in 24 hrs. Please email if there is a specific problem.


@meyours RangeenChara freeSMS is a free service and its purpose is to let people outside Nepal keep in touch with friends and family in Nepal. So the maximum number of SMS you can send to one person in 24 hours is 5. However, if you have SMS credits left for that 24 hour period, you can send the remaining number of SMS to some other number without getting an error. Thanks for being a part of the RangeenChara community.


Dear Admin,

नयाँ बर्ष २०६६ को शुभकामना ! रंगीनचराको सफलता नै यो नयाँबर्षको उपलब्धि बनोस् भन्ने मेरो कामना छ।

साथमा रंगीनचराले हामीलाई पुर्याएको सेवाको लागि धन्यवाद !!


FreeSMS New Releases

Good job guys!! FreeSMS is a good service for us.


10 SMS a day? That sounds cool.


Few improvements, and 974** is now enabled. Thanks.