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Happy Republic Day!

May 28th, 2009 4 comments

Update: Live Coverage has now ended.

Wishing all Nepali and well-wishers of Nepal a Happy Republic Day. You can see the live coverage of Republic Day Celebration in the RangeenTV section.


एक छिन हाँसौ – another Nepalese viral-video

May 6th, 2009 2 comments

A 16-month old political video has suddenly gained the viral-video status in the Nepalese community during the last few days. While the content of the video presents condemnable facts about the Maoists, the fact that this video has been given “exclusive” publicity immediately after a series of sensitive political development needs to be considered by all of us.

The video I am presenting here is different. I decided to post it here despite some indecent language and I advise that only people of age 13 and above view it. I am just trying to be responsible here by alerting those who care! Your suggestions in this regard are welcome.

I wish I could find some information about the performer, the camera-man or even the context of the video. I found this video in Facebook with-out any clue and am embedding it here as is. If any of you out there have additional information about this video, please be kind to share it with us. This video and the performer both deserve recognition!

Which Nepali online media has best breaking-news coverage?

May 3rd, 2009 3 comments

Most of us living outside Nepal have a tendency to follow news from Nepal; especially after events like today when chief-of-army was sacked by the Maoist government. There used to be a limited number of online web-sites that covered breaking news from Nepal but in the past few months the online media scenario has changed a lot. Today I visited a number of web-sites to see how well they covered the news immediately after the government sacked the chief-of-army. I am presenting my finding here with a hope that it would help you find better news sources than the ones you are using right now.

My browser returned the “The server at is taking too long to respond.” message. I could not figure out whether eKantipur had any covering on the issue. The site probably had a large number of visitors that it was not ready to handle which is a pity.

The web-site had two posts covering the latest development: A picture from press-briefing and a post titled ‘Katwal received the letter’. The web-site however did not present the news as a breaking-news and was short on descriptions.

This website posted multiple pictures and news scoops about the event along with a breaking news status.
Here are the headlines of the news postings:
NA calls emergency meet
Maoists celebrate Katawal’s ouster
Katawal sacked, Khadka acting CoAS
NC to take to the streets

This website provided a wide coverage of the issue from the development of the story to reaction from different parties and groups. It featured the news as a breaking-news and soon posted images from the protest program of the Congress affiliated student union and the welcome rally by Maoists in Narayanghat. It listed the following highlights:
कटवालले अवकाशको चिठी बुझेनन्
* सैनिक मुख्यालयमा कटवाल परामर्शमा * कांग्रेसले बलाएको सर्वदलीय बैठक जारी
* एमाले स्थायी समितिको आकस्मिक बैठक * एमालेद्वारा मन्त्रिपरिषद् बैठक बहिस्कार
* फोरमद्वारा निर्णय प्रक्रियामा असहमति * निर्णय गैरस‌वैधानिक : कांग्रेस
* माओवादी छापामार तयारी अवस्थामा * निर्णयको विरोधमा नेविसंघद्वारा प्रदर्शन

This website had a early coverage of the event but soon started having problems. It had faced some issues in the last few days and today displayed a single text ‘Allrounder’ instead of the news page.

This one of the most viewed Nepali website posted a news article on the blog with the title ‘कटवाल हटाइयो’. While the website did help people know about the breaking-news, it still lacked the details. Mysansar being just a blog compiles news from national sources like prints and television and presents it in detail after couple of hours of the main event.

This one of the oldest online news source for Nepal did provide a good coverage of the event with multiple posts and recent photos. Still, it did not have as much detail as the other dedicated media sources.

To sum up, online news scenario is improving in Nepal with the latest media houses emphasizing on online coverage of news. The sources that were the best until last few months are not the best any more because of the new media houses doing really good in this area as is proved by the best coverage by today. Whether the new media will continue to out-perform the old ones is something we need to wait and watch.