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What to do in Kathmandu?

August 27th, 2008 3 comments

All right folks, I am back with a new post. Those of you who have been visiting this site know that I havee been making few changes here. I am spending time developing new features which will be launched within a week or two. As about the donation for Koshi flood relief is concerned, I am not disappointed by the minimal collection. After all, we know that the blog is too young to perform!

Now about the content of today’s post. What to do in Kathmandu? Well, I am sure each of us have a different to-do list when visiting Kathmandu but this post is about a song in YouTube that is titled so.

The song is from the strangely named band Curfew Crew which, as you can figure out from the video, seems to have been formed by a group of tourists that met in Kathmandu. Nepalese politics apparently played its role in the naming of the band.
The fun nature of the music video can probably be sensed from this paragraph the band has posted in the info section:

The plot was supposed to be a bit more complex but since we only had a 100,000-dollar budget we were not able to do everything we had initially planned. The beginning of the song is in English and the rap and traditional part are sung in Nepali. A comment on the stunts – the real actors played in the death-defyingly dangerous motorcycle stunts. Real razors were used in the shaving scene. We The Curfew Crew hope that this song leaves you with some idea of what to do whilst in Kathmandu… No animals were injured in the making of this film but one wig was utterly destroyed.

I am not sure where the 100,000 dollar, which they say was not enough for the recording, was spent. I thought that was the budget for a typical Nepalese movie!

I like the song and enjoy it every time. There are several lines I like in the song; I will let you tell the one you liked.


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Lets Help the Koshi Flood Victim

August 21st, 2008 34 comments

UPDATE 2: Donation using PayPal now accepted
After witnessing peoples desire to contribute Money to the relief program and realizing the lack of ways to do so, Rangeen Chara has come up with a transparent way to collect fund. The donation can be made by clicking on the ChipIn button on the right of this post. The fund raised so far is displayed in real-time by the ChipIn application. The amount collected by 5 September, 2008 will be handed over to the Kantipur Relief Fund by the name “Rangeen Chara : Nepalese Abroad”. Let us come together and raise fund beyond the targeted amount.

UPDATE 1: Fund to be Transfered to Kantipur
The amount will be forwarded to “Kantipur Rastriya Bipatti Sahayog Kosh” by depositing the collected amount to Siddhartha Bank Account No. 062881 C. Amounts exceeding NRs 1,000 will be mentioned in Kantipur media therefore providing transparency to the campaign.

Main Article
At the time when more than 50,000 people are deprived of food and are left without a roof, our leaders are playing the blame game (Kantipur Online Aug 21, 2008). What the people really need at this moment is food and medicine, and roof if possible. I have been thinking hard about doing something as a blogger to help these people and finally came up with this idea to raise some fund.
I earn some nominal amount for bringing traffic in my blog. I have decided to bring as much traffic as possible in the coming ten days and contribute my earnings to the flood victim relief program. For each comment left on this post, I will send NRs 10.0(Ten) to the relief program. I am targeting to bring at least 2000 readers which would amount to NRs 20,000 in donation. I have not yet figured out where the money should be sent but am thinking that there will be some presidential fund for the relief program. If you have some suggestions, please leave a comment. As soon as I have an idea about where the money will be sent, I will post the information on this page. Also, I will post the proof of the payment made to the relief program.

Please pass your words to your friends and help Rangeen Chara raise more money for the Koshi flood victim relief program. Remember, every comment is worth NRs 10, a meal for one victim.

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Free Credit Check in US

August 19th, 2008 Comments off

If you live in the US, one additional thing you need to take care of is your credit score. Your credit score plays a great role in deciding the price of different services and interest rates. Further more, a bad credit score reduces your chances of getting apartments in big cities. This means that you need to be aware of your credit status when making major decisions. Planning to buy a new car? Or thinking about moving to a new city? Make sure to check your credit score before you go ahead with your plan. If you have not-so-good credit score at this moment, it is in your best interest to wait little longer and take necessary measures to repair your credit score.

Credit scores are maintained by three different bureaus and you do not have direct access to the scores. However, US government mandates that everyone should be provided with their credit file once a year without any charge. This way everyone can monitor their credit file and ensure that their credit file doesnot have any inaccurate entries.

The three credit bureaus have come together with this web-site to provide access to the credit files. From this website, you can obtain a free copy of your credit file every year. Unlike many other sites where you get charged for services that are said to be free, being mandated by the government, this site has no such catch.

Please remember that you can access your credit file for free only once a year (however, if your credit application was rejected, you can request free credit report within 30 days). If you need more detailed credit monitoring or if you want to monitor your credit score regularly, there are several tools available in the market for some basic fee. I will come up with another post on these tools some time later.

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